The Benefits Of Turf grass over Seeding


It will take far less time and resources to establish a turf grass lawn than it does a seeded lawn.  Secondly, you can install new grass anytime throughout the year as long as the ground is not frozen. Conversely, if you choose to seed there are only certain “seeding windows” during the year you can apply grass seed to get the results you want.


Installing turf vs seeding will ensure your lawn is green, lush, weed free, and provide soil erosion control from the date of installation.  There is no need to reseed after heavy downpours of rain where seed will run the risk of washing away during these times.


Turf grass is also weed free whereas seeding often results in the growth of not only the seed but the weeds as well. Sod also requires less water to establish because it acts like a sponge and will take a while to dry out, whereas seed with wood or paper fiber will dry out quickly therefore requiring more water.


Sod adds value to a home once it is installed. A beautiful lawn will increase the property resale value.

With sod you also get to see what it is you are getting before you buy it. With hydro-seeding you have to wait to see the results and hope it turns out as you envisioned it.


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