How To Measure For Your Sod Installation

To accurately measure your lawn or the area where the specific project will be use the following measuring guide as an aid to assist in purchasing the accurate amount of turf grass for your project. Seven Cities Sod only sells sod by the square yard. Use our calculators to determine the amount that you need.

Measure Your Area Using Our Online Tool


Circle's radius (r) is 10 feet.
Multiply the known 3.14 by the radius squared.
A = 3.14 x r2    - Ex. r2 = (10 X 10 = 100)
A = 3.14 x 100
A = 314 square feet

Determine the square feet and yardage for a circle.

If your project is a circle then you will need to measure the radius first. The radius is the distance from the center of the circle to the outside line. Do not get this confused with the diameter, which is the full length across the circle.

Once you have the length of the radius you will need to multiply this number by 3.14 squared.

Determine the square feet and yardage for a Square or Rectangle

If the area you are measuring is a square or rectangle then you simply take the length x the height.


Square's or Rectangle's base is 10 feet, and the Square's or Rectangle's height is 10 feet.
A = Base x Height
A = 10 x 10
A = 100 square feet


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