How To Install Your Seven Cities Sod


Measure for Sod
Ground Prep



Install your new grass immediately upon receiving it.  If you can’t install it immediately make sure you can get the sod in a shady area to help to keep it as fresh as possible until you are able to install it.  We would recommend all sod to be installed within 24 hours of taking delivery.


Your soil should have been prepped prior to even ordering your sod.  For more information on proper soil prep guidelines visit our soil prep page.  Before installing your grass, the soil should be moderately moist.  If needed, water the soil ahead of time very lightly.  This improves the ability of the sod to survive and knit to the ground faster.


Begin by laying the sod lengthwise along a straight edge, such as a walkway or driveway.  Lay the sod strips on the prepared soil tightly together, edge to edge, with staggered joints like bricks in a wall.  Joints should be butted together, but not overlapping.  Use a sharp knife to cut around curves, sprinkler heads, or landscaping.


Immediately soak the newly laid sod thoroughly.  See our watering guide for more information.  As soon as it dries out enough to walk on, lightly roll or tamp down the sod to give it good contact with the soil beneath.  This will remove any air pockets that will interfere with proper rooting.  Lastly, avoid heavy traffic on your lawn for the next two to three weeks to allow proper knit down and root development.

Now enjoy your new lawn!

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