Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM, Saturdays 8 AM - 12 PM.  These are weather pending, and subject to change.  Check our facebook page for the most recent updates.

  • For our slab sod each piece is 20” x 40”.
  • For our big roll sod each roll is 3.5’ x 85’.
  • Each piece of our slab sod weighs approximately 15 pounds depending on how much moisture is in the ground.
  • A full pallet of slabs weigh on average 1,200 pounds
  • A big roll weighs on average 1,000 pounds
  • Small trucks - 225 square feet (half pallet)
  • ½ ton pickup - 450 square feet (full pallet)
  • Trailer - Depends on the size of the trailer, one full pallet minimum
  • April 1 - mid June
  • September - until the ground freezes
  • Sod is still fine to be laid during the hot Summer months, just know that more water will be required for survivability
  • Yes, please call for delivery pricing and availability.  
  • Minimum order to qualify for a delivery is one full pallet (450 square feet) in the Quad Cities area.  For deliveries outside of the Quad Cities a minimum order of 6,000 square feet to qualify for delivery.

Yes, big rolls only and a minimum order quantity 6,000 square feet to qualify for an install locally.  Outside of the Quad Cities area we require a minimum order of 10,000 square feet to qualify for an install.  For pricing and availability please call our office.

  • For delivery we can usually service your needs with a 2-3 day notice.  The more the better.  Delivery times depend on availability of trucks.
  • For pickups from our farm, no notice is required for two pallets or less (900 square feet).  If you are needing more than that please give us notice before coming to pick up so we can have ample time to harvest your sod and have it ready for you.

One full pallet is 450 square feet and consists of 80 pieces (each piece is 20” x 40”).  We can harvest our sod down to the piece for you though to service whatever square footage you need.

  • Rain delays will happen, it is inevitable.  We ask for ample communication and some understanding while we work with you to reschedule.
  • If the customer is rained out but we are not, it is the customers responsibility to communicate with us to reschedule as we do not know when your site will be ready again until you tell us.

No.  Because sod is a perishable product, once the sod leaves our farm we do not accept returns on that product.

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