Watering Your Newly Installed Sod

Watering must be started when your new Seven Cities Sod lawn is finished. Ideally, groundskeeper for the lawn should start watering the lawn immediately after a section is large enough to water; if this is done correctly the finished area will get a good drink while you are still installing the rest of your lawn.

You must water enough in the initial watering to thoroughly soak the sod and the soil under the sod. You can check to make sure you are watering sufficiently by lifting up the freshly laid sod and sticking your finger into the soil. You should be able to feel completely wet soil 2 inches down. By correctly watering the sod for the first time you will release the air pockets which could harmfully dry out the sod. In order to cover a large area of sod, sprinklers must run for at least an hour in each area.

Pay close attention to the corners and edges of freshly sodded areas as they will dry out quicker than other areas. Hand watering is something that can work better in these areas. If an area does turn brown it does not necessarily mean your sod is dead. Sod is very resilient, add more water in these areas as needed until green up can be seen.

After the initial watering, water enough to keep the sod wet up to 2 inches deep in the soil; make sure the soil is not muddy. Water application is also variable based on weather. In cool weather, sod may require less water. In hot weather, sod will require more.


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