Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food

Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food

10-0-20 analysis.  The high Potassium formula helps promote deep rooting and the Nitrogen provides gentle fall feeding to help repair summer damage.  Also can be great starter fertilizer on newly seeded lawns.  This will encourage winter disease preventions and promote early spring green-up.  Each 15 pound bag will cover 5,000 square feet and each 50 pound bag will cover 15,000 square feet.



Jonathan Green’s Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food is the ideal fall lawn fertilizer to spread anytime from early September through mid-November because air temperatures are cooler and the soil is still warm enough for grass roots to grow deep. Winter Survival provides the nutrients to help boost newly seeded lawns as well as help established lawns grow thicker and greener grass with deeper roots.

This product helps lawns recover from summer stress, feeds grass for up to three months and can be applied to any type of lawn grass. If Winter Survival is spread early in the fall, a second application the first week of November will safeguard the lawn over the winter resulting in greener grass early next spring.


15 pound bag, 50 pound bag

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