Kentucky Bluegrass – Pallet Sod

Kentucky Bluegrass – Pallet Sod


Pick Up Only

Each piece is 2′ x 4.5′

Order 25 pieces or more (1/2 pallet+) and get a discount.
1 pallet = 50 sq. yards/450 sq. feet; 1/2 pallet = 25 sq. yards/225 sq. feet

$20 Pallet Deposit included in price

***It is customers responsibility to return pallets to get deposit back


Seven Cities Sod Low Mow Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass consists of four different varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass seed. Our Seed is supplied from United Seed Inc. located in Des Moines, Iowa, and is Certified Kentucky Blue Grass seed.

Our Specialized Seven Cities Sod Low Mow Blend includes:

  1. Bewitched – 18%
  2. Blueberry – 25%
  3. Everest – 18%
  4. Jackpot – 19%
  5. NuGlade – 18%

Kentucky BlueGrass – Bewitched

• From Major League Baseball fields to municipal parks to backyards, Bewitched Kentucky Bluegrass has proven itself on a variety of “fields of play”
•Drought resistant, highly wear tolerant, and resistant to disease, Bewitched is an exceptionally hardy turfgrass, able to withstand the punishment of heavy use

Kentucky BlueGrass – Blueberry

• Blueberry is the ultimate seed for blends to achieve genetic diversity
• Blueberry has proven drought tolerance, disease resistance and is tops in Spring green-up
• Blueberry naturally yields a darker green color than most Kentucky Bluegrasses.  This means lower fertilizer inputs for color response!  This not only saves costs, but is environmentally responsible

Kentucky BlueGrass – Jackpot

• Jackpot was bred for tolerance against many strains of rust and powdery mildew
• Jackpot shows excellent seeding vigor making it quick to germinate and establish
• performed great in spring green-up trials

Kentucky BlueGrass – Everest

• Everest fights the browning caused by many common lawn diseases with its built-in pest resistance
• Everest produces little topgrowth so it needs less mowing than other varieties
• Everest will excel in sun or shade

Kentucky BlueGrass – NuGlade

• NuGlade is the first true fairway bluegrass, able to perform at close mowing down to .5″ with no irrigation
• NuGlade has a dark green color and ground-filling density that helps crowd out weeds
• NuGlade ranks among the top 3 bluegrasses in drought (dormancy) tolerance, showing good wear resistance and only an average thatching tendency under tough conditions


Water Saving
Traffic Wear Tolerance
Disease Resistance
Drought Tolerance
Early Spring Green-Up
Dark Green Color


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