Green Up Crabgrass Preventer

Green Up Crabgrass Preventer

Early Spring fertilizer application that will pull your yard out of Winter dormancy while also adding a pre-emergent for crabgrass and other weeds.  Each 15 pound bag covers 5,000 square foot, and each 50 pound bag covers 15,000 square foot.



Jonathan Green’s Crabgrass Preventer plus Green-Up Lawn Fertilizer feeds the lawn for up to three full months and provides pre-emergent control of crabgrass. When applied prior to germination it controls other weeds such as goosegrass, dallisgrass, chickweed, henbit, and oxalis. This product contains an advanced herbicide known as Dimension® that provides postemergence control, meaning it will kill existing weeds, such as crabgrass, even after they germinate. Postemergence control is limited to crabgrass and is effective for up to four weeks post-germination. It will only kill the plant up to the 3-leaf stage of growth; a fully mature crabgrass plant has 7-leaves.


15 pound bag, 50 pound bag

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