Seven Cities Sod Low Mow Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass

Seven Cities Sod Low Mow Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass consists of four different varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass seed.

Our Seed is supplied from United Seed Inc. located in Des Moines, Iowa, and is Certified Kentucky Blue Grass seed.

Our Specialized Seven Cities Sod Low Mow Blend includes:

  1. Solar Eclipse - 25%
  2. Everest - 25%
  3. Rush - 25%
  4. Everglade - 25%

Kentucky BlueGrass - Solar Eclipse

• A new variety that has eclipsed the competition, maintained at 1-2” with scheduled maintenance.
•One of the darkest green bluegrass, Solar Eclipse exhibits premium quality turf and
exceptional color under any maintenance schedule, from closely mowed fairways to home lawns.
• Exceptionally quick to establish, Solar Eclipse will maintain its concentrated density throughout the year.
• Outstanding adaptation to all areas of Kentucky bluegrass use.

Kentucky BlueGrass - Everest Blend

• Everest is the ideal “mix-master,” combining well other varieties
• Provides outstanding resistance against a wide spectrum of diseases
• Everest produces a dark green, lush turf that’s tough and virtually pest free

Kentucky BlueGrass - Rush Blend

• Rush is bred specifically for competitiveness with Poa annua
• Is an elite hybred of BlueChip Kentucky bluegrass
• Grows aggressively during the cooler periods and manages to keep it stronghold

Kentucky BlueGrass - Everglade Blend

• EverGlade is the first elite, 5-steps-above® bluegrass with improved rust resistance
• Widely adapted all the way from cold, northern areas to the sizzling Transition Zone
• EverGlade produces a dark green, dense turf that’s virtually pest free



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