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Mowing tips

Mow your new turf as soon as sod is rooted no sooner than 2 weeks. Make sure your mower blade is sharp and check to see that you do not cut off more than 1/3 of the blades of grass at a time.

Normally a newly installed sod lawn will probably require mowing as soon as sod is rooted no sooner than 2 weeks after it is installed. Avoid over-mowing; consider a length of approximately 2 inches for the lawn. Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade when mowing the lawn.

If you mow the lawn as frequently as is necessary it will not be necessary to remove or pick up grass clippings after mowing. Grass clippings do not cause thatch layers.

Higher heights usually provide for a deeper root system, looks better, and is less likely to have weeds invading, particularly crabgrass so don't cut your grass too short..

Try to avoid mowing when the grass is wet.

Mow your lawn in a different direction with each mowing, especially with lawns of shorter grass types. Altering the direction ensures a more even cut since grass blades will grow more erect and less likely to develop into a set pattern.

Keep your mower's blade sharp, which means having it sharpened several times during the mowing season.

Change your mower's oil at least once during the mowing season.


Selecting the right mowing height

For Seven Cites Sod Low Mow Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass of turfgrass it is recommended that the mowing height range in inches be between 1.5 and 3 inches and the optimal mowing height is 2 inches with mowing being done every 5-7 days.


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