Tips On Maintaining Your Lawn

Sod Maintenance Tips

After you lay newSeven Cities Sod Low Mow blend of sod, to ensure that the roots take hold, you must take care of it properly so that the lawn continues to grow. Failure to care for newly laid turfgrass will cause it to die.


The most important thing to do is to make sure that you are watering the sod properly. To see our watering schedule for turfgrass visit our watering page.

Once the first ten days have passed, keep foot traffic and pet traffic at a minimum for the next four weeks.


Mow your new turf as soon as sod is rooted no sooner than 2 weeks. Make sure your mower blade is sharp and check to see that you do not cut off more than 1/3 of the blades of grass at a time.


The lawn will probably require fertilizing approximately 4-6 weeks after it is installed. Fertilizing every 30 days is an important key to a healthy lawn. Use a fertilizer with either a 6-20-20 or a 15-15-15 ratio. You may apply insecticides, if necessary, four weeks after installation.

A proper fertilization program is essential as well. Three to six applications of fertilizer a year is adequate for most turf types, and you may want a fertilizer with trace elements such as copper, iron and zinc.

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