How To Install Your Seven Cities Sod or Turfgrass


1. Install the Seven Cities Sod Low Mow blend immediately upon delivery.

2. Make sure that the sod pieces are not dried out or wilted and that they are at least 1 inch thick. If the sod is not freshly cut and healthy do not accept it.

3. Do not leave the sod stacked in piles.

4. If you can not install it immediately lay the pieces out in a shady location.

5. For best results the sod should be laid as soon after delivery as possible, preferably no more than 24 hours after it is cut.

6. The soil should be flat and moderately moist. If needed, water the soil ahead of time very lightly. This improves the ability of the sod to survive and knit in faster.

7. Lay the sod strips on the prepared soil tightly together, edge to edge, with staggered joints like bricks in a wall.

8. Begin by laying the sod lengthwise along a straight edge, such as a walkway or driveway.

9. Joints should be butted tightly together, but not overlapping.

10. Fill cracks with soil if necessary.

11. Use a sharp knife to cut around curves or sprinkler heads.

12. Immediately soak the newly laid sod thoroughly. See our watering guide for more information.

13. As soon as it is dry enough to walk on, lightly roll or tamp the sod to give a good contact with the soil beneath. This is necessary to remove any air pockets that will interfere with proper rooting.

14. Avoid heavy use of your lawn for the next three weeks.

And don't forget to enjoy your new lawn!


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