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Deadlines seem to provide constant pressure to contractors. Fortunately, quick delivery and quality turfgrass are trademarks of Seven Cities Sod. We have the resources to carry out any job regardless of size or time constraints. From difficult access, to slopes, or environmentally sensitive areas, we have the knowledge and experience to overcome these challenges. Whether you need one pallet of sod for a back yard, or acres for a large commercial project, we can make it happen so you meet your deadline.

With Seven Cities Sod Low Mow Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass turfgrass sod your landscaping projects will not only look and feel great but it will be easy to maintain and it is environmentally friendly.

We produce superior, certified Seven Cities Sod Low Mow blend of Kentucky Bluegrass turfgrass which includes four varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass seed that will give you a beautiful, thick, healthy and weed free lawn.

Our sod can be delivered directly to your project site. To ensure you get the best quality possible, our Kentucky Bluegrass turfgrass sod is cut fresh and delivered within 24 hours of harvest.

For a list of some of our projects visit our turfgrass projects page or visit our gallery.

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Commercial Sod / Turf Services

Located in Davenport, Iowa and servicing Eastern Iowa, Western Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin.

We offer a superior blend of Seven Cities Sod Low Mow which consists of four different varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass certified seed.

  1. Solar Eclipse - 25%
  2. Everest - 25%
  3. Rush - 25%
  4. Everglade - 25%

Delivery of your turfgrass sod

Install turfgrass sod (big roll only) wholesale and retail

Loan out machines and/or attachments for customers to install themselves

Additional Sod Resources

Download and view PDF's on Turfgrass sod installation, benefits, courtesy of Turfgrass Producers International.

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